What To Listen For In Music And How To Hear It

The content of this course is based upon the fact that all people listen to music. Most do this voluntarily, and those that don’t are forced to because music is played in malls, on elevators, in stores, offices and most places where people go during their time outside the house. Of course it is a rare TV show which does not have music in the background. This includes the news. There is so much more that the average person is unaware of going on in most music. Becoming aware increases the enjoyment one derives from listening to music. Some simple listening exercises can greatly expand this pleasure.

The course guides the student through these exercises and shows how simple it is to do them on your own, and to become aware of so much more of what is present in the music. This greatly enhances your enjoyment. In many cases it expands the literature which is listened to, and also increases the enjoyment derived from listening to your old favorites. The only homework assignment is listening to music. No formal musical training is prerequisite for the course although if you have a background it works to your advantage. The classes consist of listening and discussion about what was heard.

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