Voice Lessons

MISU offers lessons to voice students at all levels of experience.  Technique and repertoire are stressed.  The lessons are aimed at singing in any style, although the technique taught is based upon traditional classical fundamentals.

Vocal Lessons for Pre-teen Students:

It is not advisable to begin vocal training of a strenuous type before the student’s vocal muscles are more mature.  To do so may cause the student to develop serious vocal problems at an early age.  These can include the development of a vocal wobble, inability to hold true pitch, vowel format difficulties, etc.  It is  my policy to delay this type of training until puberty has set in thoroughly.  Having the young student sing literature that requires over-singing or “belting” can cause permanent harm.  This does not mean that a young person cannot sing at this age.  Careful selection of literature and range allows the student to enjoy the experience.

Other aspects of musical training are very valuable at this age.  Reading skills are more easily developed at this age than when you get older.  Learning to sing acapella in tune is valuable.  Basic non-vocal physical skills can also be learned, i.e. good posture, proper breathing etc.  The use of solfeggio syllables is a valuable tool which can be effectively learned at this time as well.  Overall musical training, such as rhythmic reading, phrasing, and dynamic contrasts can also be dealt with during this period.  It is frequently found that learning keyboard skills also can be a valuable tool for young singers to grasp.  This will continue to benefit the singer throughout their lives.  The ultimate goal is to become an accomplished singing musician.

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