About Us

Our Mission Statement

Based on the belief that music within a social environment can enhance interpersonal relationships, self-expression, and personal growth, the Music Institute of Sullivan and Ulster Counties provides opportunities for people of all ages to develop their varying levels of musical experiences in an environment that acknowledges and nurtures the whole person.

Our Philosophy

From Anastasia Solberg, founder and musical director of the Institute:

“The advantage of my many-faceted education is that I have a very broad knowledge of different teaching methods, methods that I have tested to ascertain what works and does not work. From this I have developed my own distinct method of teaching. I do not limit myself to traditional scale systems, etudes, and schools of technique, but use them as a means to an end. I want to awaken the mind of the student by constantly finding new ways to apply traditional methods. I want to teach students how to teach themselves, to allow them to become independent, so that they can continue to educate themselves throughout their lives.”